RegionCity – at the very heart of things

Welcome to RegionCity and the idea of a Scandinavian meeting place for the whole region, located around the existing Central station in Gothenburg. A brand new and vibrant district with mixed functions, many choices and a strong pulse. The Central station is the hub of the region and of Gothenburg’s bold investment in growth. This is where new and old city districts converge with the region. It is also the centre for all public transport.

We have now taken the first steps from vision and concept to realization. The planning phase, in co-operation with the city, is making great strides. RegionCity will house offices, commerce, living spaces, meeting places, sky parks and a large traveling centre.

RegionCity med Jubileumsplatsen

On the 4th of June we presented the first building – Jubileumstornet

In Jubileumstornet you will find meeting places and work spaces of international class, close to the station. Here, you and your company will grow alongside RegionCity, the most unique new business district in Western Sweden. Choose between the bustling crowds of the street and station or the soaring heights of the tower.

RegionCity is taking shape, join us in building the future.

For more information, contact
Glenn Håkansson at CBRE
Mobile: +46 731 498 403

Mats Strid, Business Developer at Jernhusen
Mobile: +46 702 33 31 44

Jörgen Ljungberg, Business Developer at Jernhusen
Mobile: +46 734 10 15 17